Impact FAQ

Impact FAQ

What are your home fields?

Our fields are Allen Field, Muirlands Middle School, Cliffridge YMCA, Torrey Pines Elementary, La Jolla Elementary, and Birdrock Elementary.
Our offices and clubhouse are located at Allen Field (3908 Torrey Pines Road, CA 92037)
Registrar hours are Monday and Thursday 4:00 - 5:30pm , or call to arrange a different time.

What is the difference between Rec and Competitive?

Our Impact Competitive program runs for at least 8 months a year of consecutive training with a post-season option.  The competitive teams require a higher level of commitment and skill.  The recreational program offers 2 seasons (Fall and Spring) that players can participate in.  These seasons run for 10 and 8 weeks, respectively.  Anyone can participate in our recreational program while Impact tryouts determine team selections.

In what leagues do you play? And when?

We play in Presidio Soccer League and the San Diego Developmental Academy.  We believe that these two leagues offer the perfect balance for our teams in order to be successful while pushing our players to play at a high level.  Both leagues have games in the fall, from September through the middle of November.  The majority of games are Saturdays with a few Sundays throughout the season.

What’s the difference between Impact Blue and Impact White?

Impact Blue is the top team at that age group.  Blue teams play at a higher level league than the White team and play in more tournaments throughout the year including State Cup.  White teams are more developmental and flexible with time commitment.  La Jolla Impact is proud to offer multiple level teams across age groups to provide all level players a place to play and grow.

Coaches Tournament Costs Per Diem Format?

A per diem for the Coach will need to be established on a per Tournament basis by the Director of Coaching. These expenses will include gas, food, and potential lodging costs. Coaches are to receive $25 a day for “in town” tournaments and $40 a day for “out of town”.  Teams are also expected to reimburse the coach for gas (0.55 per mile) and lodging (if needed). These costs need to be factored into the total tournament fees collected from each player.

Team Cost for Tournaments:Tournaments?

The La Jolla Labor Day Tournament fee is included in registration fees.  All other tournaments entry fees throughout the year need to be split amongst every rostered player regardless of their participation or not.  For questions, please address the coach and or Director of Coaching.

How can I become a recreational coach?

Our recreational program relies heavily on our volunteers.  Please contact the office staff to discuss the possibility of coaching.  We provide coaching clinics and practice materials.