Managers' Corner

Hi Managers,

Thank you so much for stepping up and volunteering your time to assist the team.
Your help is highly appreciated.

Here are some helpful links for our Presisio and SDDA Gaming League.


Game Day Duties and Responsibilities - Managers/Coaches, you should ask the referees for their Cal South ID Cards BEFORE the game.
Game Day Duties and Responsibilities

Match/Game Roster Printing - Printing your Match/Game Rosters is mandatory for the Home team and recommended for the Away team. This must be done on 3-part carbon paper.
Printing Rosters - Affinity Instructions


Score and Red/Yellow Card Inputting - Both teams need to input game scores along with both Red and Yellow Cards within 48 hours after the game. This can be online or through the Digital Player Card/Scoring App.
Game Scoring Instructions from Affinity

Jersey Numbers - Inputting Jersey Numbers should be done before the first game of the season.  You should also upload your player's pictures which can be used to check your team in if you don't have your player cards on the field for the game.
Jersey Number Information & Instructions

Club Pass - Club pass for players is ONLY allowed in SDDA and in an upward direction.
Club Pass Instructions

Activate Players - Only a certain number of players are allowed to be active each week, based on the team age.
Activate Player Instructions 

     Presidio/SDDA has a new Concussion Policy for the second year.
     US Soccer Concussion Initiative

Presidio and SDDA Team Administrators Guide

Presidio and SDDA Referee and Game Rules

Cal South List of Approved Referees


Under the new U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives we now use Birth Year when describing teams.
The initiatives also adopted a "No Heading" rule for certain age groups. 
Here is a breakdown of each.  Presidio Birth Year Modification Chart